Multilingualism vs Plurilingualism



 ORB.124, 7 March 2017, 3-5pm


In this workshop the differences between the term multilingual and the term plurilingual will be discussed. We will consider various ways of being bilingual and plurilingual. 


We will reflect on the language policy of several (European) countries and its impact on their people. We will look at different education policies as well as at the use of home languages among expatriates. Can one state, that there are languages which are “less important” than other? 


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Two cultures - Two languages


UCC - 15 March 2017


In this workshop, we are going to debunk the myths surrounding plurilingualism and try and find the best practices for parents.


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Bilingual learning made easy

The worshop will give you tips about raising your child(ren) with more than one language.


It is open to all.