Multilingual Café gives advice and trainings to families, as well health professionals, teachers and educators.

Our advice are not the same for every body, they depend whether you are a family, or work in a school, a creche, a hospital... they are specific for your own situation.

We give either personalised advice or advice in groups as well as conferences and talks.

Advice to families

Individually or in group, Multilingual Café gives advice to families about their choices for the bilingual or plurilingual education of their children.


Getting a chance to ask questions and to share is important for the families. We are listening to them and we give ideas - sometimes solutions - according your own situation, and the specific situation and set-up of your family.

Advice to educators


It is not always easy for teachers and educators to have bilingual children in their classes or groups. They are speaking a language and the teacher or educator speaks another one. How can they communicate? How can the child be happy and develop?

Multilngual Café gives advice to teachers and educators to help the child  and also to make the relationships easier between the child, the child's parents and the teacher or the educator.

Advice to professionals


Families and schools, we do give advice. However, the bilingual children and bilingual adults are in all strata of the society. General practitionners, speech-therapists, health professionals are looking after children who speak other languages.
Multilingual Café aims at helping them undersant the language development of those children and support parents who have chosen a bilingual education and are faced with people who finds it difficult.


Multilingual Café gives you the tools to help those bilingual children and their parents.