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promoting languages to help live harmoniously together

we defend the right to use the mother tongue



A little history:


Multilingual Café started in Ireland. It started with a small group of people meeting to talk about languages in 2010. It grew rapidly. The idea of Isabelle Barth, our founder, was to help families in the choices they are making in the bilingual and plurilingual education of their children.She started a blog: Multilingual Café - known by many.

We decided to have a more formal entity and moved Multilingual Café to France and set it up as a non-profit association, according the French law of 1901. The statutes were approved by the authorities in August 2018.


You can of course become a member and support the activities and aims of the assocation - we will welcome both.



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Whom are we working for?

Our work is mostly for:


  • all the parents who are choosing a bilingual or plurilingual education for their children, we accompany them in their choices, we support them in their choices, we advice them in their choices;
  • all the migrant or expatriate families who are bringing up children in one language - the heritage language and are faced with the difficulties of living and going to school in another language, and are confronted to a cultural integration;
  • each person who has an interest in bilingual education and are accompanying bilingual or plurilingual people, whether they are bilingual because they are raised bilingually at home, or because they had to migrate or chose to expatriate;
  • all the professionals (carers, health professionals... ) who are working with bilingual or plurilingual children, and are faced with the questions concerning languages or identity as well as integration;
  • all the professional in education who work in multilingual and multicultural environment so that diversity becomes an asset for the children, for the families


Worshops and training


Multilingual Café offers various workshops, advice, trainings for adults and any body in the education world.


Did you find what you are looking for, if so or if not, please to not hesitate to get in touch.


Whether you are a primary school teacher, a teacher in a secondary school, an educator, a carer, a doctor,  a health professional... and you are working with bilingual or plurilingual families, Multilingual Café must have some trainings suiting your needs, so that you can help better those children and their families. We can help you understand their challenges and help you learning how you can help, and help you create the tools you need for them.


If you wish to meet and as question, get in touch here.



Having the right tools to help the development of bilingualism among children or to help teenagers and adults develop their knowledge in languages is important.

Just have a look at what we have for you.




Multilingual Café started a first blog in 2010.


It is still on line and we keep writing articles in various languages. They are published regularly

Have a look at it:

Multilingual Café Blog



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