Our actions are towards primary and secondary school teachers, as well as educators, who would like to develop their knowledge on the language development of children who are growing with more than one language and one culture.


We are offering trainings to companies which are wishing to develop a multilingual atmosphere in their businesses.


Our trainings are also for health professionals who are working with bilingual and plurilingual families, so that we can help them accompany those families in their choices for an plurilingual education.



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The trainings of Multilingual Cafe are for all those who are working in places where linguistic diversity can be seen; teachers, educators, trainers, carers, general practitioners, speech therapists, health professionals...


Our trainings will give you the opportunity to deiscover what bilingual and plurilingualism are, how it develops and how it can be maintained.  They are an opportunity to :

  • discover how to create language groups
  • create projects using languages
  • create language activities wherever you  work, whether it is a creche, a school, or any other place
  • help migrants to learn the local language while keeping their mother tongue alive

Language awareness


Discover what language awareness in schools is.

Getting aware of the abilities, putting strategies in place, creating activities for language awareness

Creating plurilingual activities


Creating a programme of plurilingual activities, discovering games from other cultures.

Trying plurilingual activities using children's and teenagers' books

One language at school one language at home

Questionning oneself on bilingualism?
What are the obstacles for the learning of languages? How can they be faced? Comparing the language acquisition between a monolingual child and a bilingual child.

Youth literature and plurilingualism


What types of books for bilingual children? What are real bilingual books?
How do best choose a book for a bilingual child?

Creating of plurilingual resources

Creating language groups


What do you need to create a bilingual group/ What type of balance is needed between the various languages?
What types of tools to use and to develop?


All those training last between 3 and 6 hours - they can be followed online or in various places.

If you are interested by one of those trainings, please, get in touch to know the costs and then we ccan choose a dat.