Vision & Mission



To value all the languages of the world so that each of us can speak the language of his/her choice


To live in peace and harmony implies that the respect the languages of the others.


We defend the right to use the mother tongue

so that each child can be educated in a language that he/she understands



Our Mission is that every can be educated in his/her language and be allowed to practice it where he/she wishes and as he/she wishes.


The World is multilingual - let's be sure that each language can exist and live and that every person can use the language of his/her choice.


Generally speaking, our mission is to allow people to be bilingual and keep being so, even when changing country.


We are working at the defence of bilingual education of children so that they can discover the language(s) of their parents, as well as the languages of the world through language awareness workshops.


We would like to develop tools so that each person can be educated in his/her mother language and that this was recognized as an asset.


We are working to help discover, spread, exchange, promote and value languages and cultures linked to those languages (see article 2 of our statutes).



  • in creating tools for teachers, parents and educators
  • in having meetings events and workshops
  • in training the teachers
  • in organising event in locals communities to make known the importance of bilingualism