Conferences & Talks

Whether in French or any other languages, the conferences that Multilingual Café is offering present the research as well as what is happening in the bilingual and plurilingual world.


Working with universities and researchers, Multilingual Café is giving practical elements in link to the scientific research.


Our Conferences and talks are opportunities to share with the scientific communities as well as the actors of bilingual education.





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Our conferences  are open to all parents, educators, teachers, health professionals... any one having an interest in bilingual education.


We would talk on themes such as:

  • families' bilingualism and/or plurilingualism
  • early bilingualism
  • educational bilingualism
  • bilingualism and learning difficulties
  • language acquisition and language development in bilingual children
  • bilingual education
  • early learning of a foreing language
  • living with two cultures
  • welcome of non-native speaking children / on bilingual children in creches and schools
  • etc.