Chargée de projets / Project Manager




Karin Martin is Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, as well as an Entrepreneurial Linguist who specializes in multilingualism and foreign language learning. Through her platform The Multilingual Garden, she gives lectures and training workshops, as well as individual consultancy to both families and teachers to help them acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge about multilingualism.


Her field of expertise lies in promoting multilingualism in education and in society. She supports and assists families who move around the world for different reasons and raise their children with more than one language. She is also a Dyslexia Trainer and wrote her doctoral thesis about dyslexia, foreign language learning and bilingualism.


Karin Martin is a native Italian who has lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Spain and France. She currently lives and works in Austria.


Her working languages are English, German, Spanish and Italian.





her email address: karin@multilingualcafe.com